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Our booklet Your Turnaround: 31 Days to Your Better Life is filled with daily Bible readings specially prepared to help you experience TURNAROUND in every area of your life. Jon and Jolene Hamill’s book Turnaround Decrees: Disrupt the Enemy’s Plans and Shift Your Circumstance into Breakthrough will help you learn to interrupt the plans of darkness and shift circumstances to align with God’s will.

These resources will supercharge your faith to declare God’s promises and experience amazing breakthroughs in your life! You’ll find promise after promise from God’s Word you can speak aloud to proclaim HIS faithfulness.

Combined, these two life-changing resources provide encouragement in ANY season of change. Whether you’re facing a health or financial crisis, a breakdown in a personal relationship, or any other seemingly insurmountable obstacle, Your Turnaround devotional booklet and Turnaround Decrees will comfort and remind you to stand in unwavering faith for the abundant life you’ve been promised!

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