God’s Answers For Your Children


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Children are one of God’s greatest gifts, and He intends for them to be a source of deep joy.  But when our children refuse to follow Jesus and consistently make destructuve choices that cause themselves – and us 0 so much pain, we can experience tremendous anger, grief, and stress.

God’s Answers for Your Children by David Cerullo is a powerful ministry resource that…

  • Offers you God’s hope for your children
  • Teaches you how to parent by example
  • Reveals 5 choices all parents need to make
  • Shows you haow to bonbard heaven with your prayers
  • Contains Scripture Promises to declare over your child

This booklet will strengthen, encourage, and help guide you through difficult times with your child and show you how to defeat every attempt of the enemy to devour your child’s destiny in Christ.  As a Believer, you CAN be filled with God’s joy and peace concerning your son or daughter!

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