Mezuzah, Passover Blessings & 7 Feasts


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This three-part package consists of a powerful video entitled 7 Feasts of Israel presented by Perry Stone and Bill Cloud, a blockbuster book entitled Seven Blessings of the Passover by Steve Munsey, and a beautiful Mezuzah representing the Blood of Jesus.
First, you will discover the prophetic fulfillment of the spring feasts and explore the future prophetic fulfillment of the fall feasts (the rapture, the tribulation, and the millennial reign) as you watch 7 Feasts of Israel. You’ll also learn how the holy name of God was hidden in the inscription of the cross, and see the explanation of the “promise of the father.”
Next, author Steve Munsey explores why the Jewish people have celebrated the Passover and the other six feasts annually since the time of Moses, over 3,000 years ago in his groundbreaking book Seven Blessings of the Passover.
Even a first-time reader of the Old Testament cannot help but be delighted to explore the Passover blessings which include:

• God assigning an angel to you
• God being an enemy to your enemies
• God giving you prosperity
• God talking sickness away from you
• God causing an increase in your life

And last, you’ll receive a beautiful Mezuzah like the one depicted here to place on the doorpost of your home as a symbol of the blood of Jesus (our sacrificial Lamb) that has been applied to the doorposts of your heart.
God sets schedules and time boundaries for His feasts and blessings – and He is poised to pour out these blessings upon your life.
Now, through this unique combination of offerings, you can learn how to unleash these blessings into your life today!

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