Inspiration Anointing Oil – Olive Wood Vial


Your donation of $40 enables us to continue our Global Gospel Outreach. Thank you!

Our new, exclusive Inspiration Anointing Oil, comes to you in a vial handcrafted by Israeli artist Jeries Facouseh and drenched with the rich symbolism of the Christian faith.

On the cap of the olive wood vial is the Hebrew letter shin, representing God as Shaddai, reminding us He is the All Sufficient One!

On the front of the vial is the Grafted-In Symbol, which connects Christianity and Judaism and has been found on first-century pottery in Jerusalem. In that symbol, the Menorah at the top is a reminder of God’s glorious light in our dark world. The Star of David in the center symbolizes the connection of the triune God with humanity. And melded into the star is the Ichthus, known as the Christian fish, that proclaims the identity of Christ.

The Hebrew words for God’s greatest gifts – faith, hope, and love – adorn the remaining sides.

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