God’s Answers For Your Health


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Although you may be walking “through the valley of the shadow of death” (Pslam 23:4) becasue of sickness, God has NOT forgetten you.  In God’s Answers for Your Health by David Cerullo, you will discover how your loving Heavenly Father wants to lead you through the valley of sickness on His pathway to healing. God’s Answers for Your Health is a powerful ministry resource that…

  • Offers you God’s hope for your health
  • Reminds you that God’s heart is ALWAYS ready to heal you
  • Focuses on healing for your spirit, soul, & body
  • Reveals ways that you can hinder your healing
  • Shares 5 steps you can take to receive your healing
  • Contains Scripture promises to declare over your health

This booklet will strengthen, comfort, and empower you to defect every attempt of the enemy to rob you of your health.  The answers it contains foryour healing are based on the Bible – the first place to turn in a health crisis.  As a Believer, you CAN receive God’s healing power in your life today!

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